An increasingly digital world puts lots of demands on us, the humans! We need to manage ourselves though these exciting times and one area that I feel all of us, as individuals, businesses & communities, should invest in is physical and psychological wellness. Both of these are in my mind the cornerstones of complex decision making expected from us in an era when machines will take the relatively predictable data based decisions. In certain ways digital will push the boundaries on what it means to be a human!

For those who know me also know my passion for running & nature. For me the ritual of running in nature is part of connecting with our roots. Running is the simplest form of physical exercise passed along to us from our evolution. Nature on the other hand is perhaps the biggest positive force and natural healer. It has so much to teach us only if we could hear.

At TCS we realize the disruptive power of digital not just for businesses but also for each one of us at a very human level. For several years now, promoting wellness among our employees, customers & communities in general has been central to our social engagement. It therefore gives me great pleasure to share that TCS is embarking on a five-year partnership with Lidingöloppet, the legendary Swedish sports event and arguably, the world’s largest cross-country run. TCS Lidingöloppet is like our other marathon engagements (NY, Amsterdam, London etc) but with a Nordic cross-country twist that celebrates the bond between humans and nature.

Besides the main 30 km race, this new partnership will also see TCS become the title sponsor for the race’s sister events this September: Lidingöloppet 15 (15 km), Lidingöruset (1.7-4 km for people with special needs), Lidingörullet (2 km for wheelchair users) and Lilla Lidingöloppet (1.7-6 km for children).

Amby Burfoot, the famous author of  ‘The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life’ wrote, “As we run, we become”. I invite all of you to join TCS Lidingöloppet on the fascinating journey of realizing yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally.