About #DigitalEmpowers

We strongly believe digital technologies serve as both a vital and dynamic force for good. Digital is already empowering communities across the world. Technology is helping women in rural areas of India and Africa learn to read and write. Drones are helping to save endangered animals and protect forests in Europe. Children are being encouraged to get healthy and active, and to become the next generation of innovators through the study of STEM subjects. Digital is leading the way to consistently improve peoples’ lives.

Launched at Davos 2017, #DigitalEmpowers celebrates the crucial role technology plays in improving our world. We invite you to learn more, and encourage you to share your own stories of how digital has empowered you, your company, your community or your country.

If you would like to contribute or engage with the #DigitalEmpowers campaign, please do follow and message us on Twitter @TCS_Europe or write to us at [email protected]